Box Login ? (newbie question)

Hey, it’s been a while since I had to do maintenance on the box (proof that’s work pretty well I guess ?)

Sadly, when I was about to make some work on it I realized something…

I’m hosting my box on Digital ocean and to access the severs I need to input something called the “box login”.

I saw in a other Topic that is has something to do with “root credentials” but I don’t know in which form they come.

Is the username, the mail I use in DO or a admin mail from my box ?

Or something else ?

Somebody have further information about this ?


When you log into the MiaB dashboard and navigate to system -> status checks, does MiaB inform you that there is anything wrong?

What do you exactly mean? Access with SSH?
You are supposed to have a KEY for this (stored in a file). Maybe you’re trying to access with a SSH client lacking the key and you’re asked for a password? (there is none). Or you’re trying to access something on the Digital Ocean side? That would be passwords you entered at account creation.

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You just flipped a switch in my head hahahah.

It’s effectively on the Digital Ocean side not on the MAIB

I now exactly what to do now

Thanks !


Nope all clean !
I had some minor issue cause of miss update