Blackhole needed or something?

I started getting hit with SPAM, the same thing once every five minutes to several addresses. Not frequent enough to be protected by fail2ban and content innocuous.
Since the affected addresses are throwaway addresses caught by an alias I thought I could explicitly define those addresses and forward them to a black hole.
Where to find a blackhole?
Should I make one, subscribe to one or maybe Miab can provide one. Or maybe there is some ready made capability within Miab to solve the problem that I am unaware of.

Any ideas?

Roundcube filters work even when not logged in.

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Hi, thanks for your response.
Since I don’t use webmail it hadn’t occurred to me to approach the problem from there.
Having looked I can see how to do it now.
Fortunately, after a polite request, the Spammer has stopped his faulty mailshot.
So just need to remember to use your advice next time I have something like this.


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