Best VPS hosting provider

I want to set up my own mail-in-a-box. What is the best VPS hosting provider? And which one has the most user friendly ‘port-25’ policy?
This is my shortlist:

  • DigitalOcean
  • Linode
  • Vultr


Let me know if you desire either. I have an affiliate code if you’re willing to use it. I also can offer a discount code for LunaNode if you are in US or Canada.

Of your shortlist - Not DigitalOcean.

Any experience with their port-25 policy? Default open? Raise ticket to open port?

No problems at all for me with Linode.

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I’ve used digital ocean and I’m still using them and it’s great they have port 25 always open plus I have a referral code that should help

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If you are German or European and you want to keep your data there (for whatever reasons), I would go with netcup. I have a coupon / referral code as well which would give you some discount. Plus points (in my opinion): green energy and very cheap (~2.50€ per month with coupon/referral for an instance capable of running miab).

Which VM size you recommend on BuyVm, SLICE 512 would do you think?

LunaNode, open by default IIRC.
BuyVM, raise ticket. Their response time is usually under an hour during working hours (US west coast).

If it is just you, a Slice512 would likely be sufficient, however I always use at least 1 minimum of 1gb of ram, so the Slice1024 is better - and at $3.50 a month, it is affordable.

If you’re willing, please click my referral link before purchasing:


Very odd … the link is but it does show oddly. Although I have gotten new clicks since I posted it, so maybe it is working magically.

anyone test time4vps
I got service for several months there, the support also good
apparently also i read the news that the company is bought too
hope the acquisition not make any problem


I would, but your link doesn’t seem to have any referral info attached to it.
The link is just that:

Avoid using Digital Ocean for mail servers if you can, trying to get an IP from them that is not blacklisted somewhere is a real struggle and they don’t like to open port 25 very much.

I know there are a lot of options already listed but I’d add UpCloud too. 25 is closed by default but they will open it without any great problem if you contact support.

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uh I didn’t have to have digital ocean open my port 25 and I opened my account 2 weeks ago and my first ip was good and digital ocean is really good

Well it is there but it sure doesn’t seem like it is there. I know that when you visit the page the affiliate portion is stripped but that happens after I get credit for your visit. I updated my earlier post with more info as well, Thanks!!

Yes, I previously used Time4VPS however I will not go back for both privacy and political reasons.

I had hosted email on a droplet there with MiaB for a client which was shall we say ‘controversial’. T4V received a frivolous complaint concerning the ‘website’ that was being hosted there and demanded that I cease hosting that website. Problem was that there was no website, just MiaB. I explained this to them and told them that there was email only. Time4VPS then came back and said that they had scanned my vps and that I was still hosting the content that they wanted removed. What this content was were email signatures.

So I have a problem that they 1) play political games (I am a strong supporter of free speech) and 2) do not respect privacy by accessing my vps. I have no idea if the new owner will be better in this regard, but I am not going to give them the chance. That bridge is already burned for me.


Digital Ocean has a non-public policy of blocking port 25 in certain data center locations as well as not approving unblocking it for clients from certain countries.

hi alento,
nice info
thanks for the notes, i will remind of it.

I also finding best VPS around Asia or my area (Indonesia) to host MiaB
lets sharing together


I had already started creating slices before you replied, I did click on your first link, but not sure the referral was attached. I opened a ticket with them to tell them you referred me there. I’m opening 5 slice 4096 with them.
Seems to be a great provider.

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Basic DigitalOcean droplet is just fine for MIAB.

Sure. If you do not mind using a provider that many ESP’s and blacklists have marked their IP ranges as spam … or a provider that discriminates on the basis of where you live … or makes you play guessing games as to which DC they will unblock port 25 … sure, knock yourself out.

I prefer going with a provider that does not play these games. A provider which I know what to expect EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

On the other hand, for the most part, DO and MiaB work quite well together with regards to installation. But there is more to life than just installation.