Backups Not Working

I have two mail in a box systems. Both functionally work just as intended. Only one of them has an issue with backups. They just stopped happening. I have set it up to store backups locally. I then rsync those elsewhere daily. This is what the backups page looks like as of today, 7/19/2022:

As you can see, it just stopped in February. Where would I start investigating this?

What version are you running?

Do you have any customizations related to storage or backups?

Does the ‘Status Checks’ page show any errors?

Do you receive any messages from MiaB regarding this not completing successfully?

Version: v57a (I upgraded from 56 while troubleshooting)
Not customizations, just storing locally.
Status checks is all green.
Not receiving any messages that it is not working.

Is there a log file that should show backup task runs?

Do you receive any kind of messages from status checks, system updates, etc?

I don’t have a lot of suggestions here.

The backup script is located at mailinabox/management/ It can be run from the command line, but I’ve never had to run it.

You could also try moving everything in /home/user-data/backup/encrypted/ to a different directory:

$ sudo mv /home/user-data/backup/encrypted/ /home/user-data/backup/encrypted-backup/
$ sudo mkdir /home/user-data/backup/encrypted

and see if you get a brand new set of backups the following night.

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