Backup via rsync seems sort of broken

@gnite, i had several issues

  1. I use port 2345 for SSH as I cannot use port 22, I have a config file for ssh and use the port option for the host, this is working fine for the initial installation / configuration cause all is accepted and working, but it will fail further in the process as the -p 22 is still used and not port 2345, ok no problem, I can change
    cause in all other way I get an error on public key, so it tries port 22 … bummer not using the config file (but no idea why not)

Finally I was able to run sudo management/ --full and yes… data !!! … but …
indeed only 4K files …
no idea why no other files are rsynced.

Try commenting out the first line of rsync_ssh_options array in, line 18.

rsync_ssh_options = [
“–ssh-options=’-i /root/.ssh/id_rsa_miab’”,


rsync_ssh_options = [
# “–ssh-options=’-i /root/.ssh/id_rsa_miab’”,

I’m pretty sure you will have to delete or move the backup-files already in your destination before running again. I don’t think you need --full as it wont find any full backups anyway.


can try that of course :wink: but no idea if it will solve it

first line commented out … and damn … here it is …
but only full indeed … but also probably not a good packed backup. as the info is about a full backup in a folder where the key is visable

Odd, my “fix” solved my issue with only full backups, but I still can’t list any backups. I’m using rsync as destination, normal ssh port tcp/22. As I mentioned, I had to delete my old backups for anything to happen.

Anyway, very odd.

with 0.30 I had to reboot my server before the files where visible.
No idea why I do see the content now :wink: (yeah I rebooted several times yesterday) :wink:

Dude, thanks! :smiley:

This did seem to fix it, thanks :+1:. Though I’m kind of curious how nobody, me included obviously, caught on that those “4K"files” were, in fact, directories :roll_eyes:.

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I assume you attempted to do systemctl restart mailinabox to have it do it’s startup bits?

no never tried that :wink:
my box has a few users (5) and if someone complains I will tell them to look for another mailserver :wink:
uptime is no issue for me.

but did someone try to restore it to a place yet?

@durd I have removed my other backups and have mailinabox created a new full backup. Want to see what will happen tonight if there is or will be a diff backup .

Than I will try to unpack the files on my home NAS … to see if I actually get my content back :wink:

Oh, so you haven’t been able to restore your backups from v0.30 to v0.40?
I was able to do so, it was first after the upgrade I got to be having the issues with rsync backups.

@durd, I was able to restore from 0.30 to 0.40 but I wonder if the backups of 0.40 are valid :wink:
I was very pleased with the way the upgrade from 0.30 to 0.40 went after I got access to my newly installed machine again

Chicken - egg: DigitalOcean sends password of box to my mail … oh oh … yeah … that machine i accidently removed (after all the backups etc… ) but before the new machine was made …

Ah, I understand; No, I haven’t tried restoring my new v0.40 backups. I’m betting on the issues being fixed properly before I have to restore anything :slight_smile:
I’m also just relaying emails via MIAB, none are stored there for more than 20mins, unless it’s in Junk.

i will test this weekend a restore on a spare VM to see if it can be unpacked …
did that before I restored 0.30 to 0.40 to be 100% sure my backups were valid :wink:

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w00t …

seems that it works at my site now as well after I removed the manually made backups

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@durd I tested the rsync feature with also the duplicity unpack method with secret key.

Where rsync first created folders, after removing and altering the now all files are created accordingly and I am able to restore the data

puffer:/srv/dev-disk-by-label-PufferBackup/Backup_Mail# sudo -E duplicity restore --force file:///srv/dev-disk-by-label-PufferBackup/Backup_Mail /home/testmailserver
Local and Remote metadata are synchronized, no sync needed.
Last full backup date: Thu Jan 24 03:00:06 2019

data will be unpacked now.
including incremental stuff

Kool, sounds great :slight_smile:

Yesterday setup rsync for the first time and was wondering why there are no listed backups in the admin backup-status page and there were folders synced instead of files. After I commented out the line you mentioned it’s working now! Thanks!

I hope it will be changed in the main install soon.

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Commenting out that line breaks backup for me:

Attempt 1 failed. BackendException: File /tmp/duplicity-ZNKYnk-tempdir/mktemp-oRd6Y4-2 not found locally after get from backend
Attempt 2 failed. BackendException: File /tmp/duplicity-ZNKYnk-tempdir/mktemp-oRd6Y4-2 not found locally after get from backend
Attempt 3 failed. BackendException: File /tmp/duplicity-ZNKYnk-tempdir/mktemp-oRd6Y4-2 not found locally after get from backend
Attempt 4 failed. BackendException: File /tmp/duplicity-ZNKYnk-tempdir/mktemp-oRd6Y4-2 not found locally after get from backend