Backup of Nextcloud objects


Hi everyone,

I am very happy with Nextcloud and MIAB.

Can someone please help me and say what is the best practice for this:

  1. backup email messages to remote server
  2. backup Nextcloud calendar to remote server
  3. backup Nextcloud documents to remote server
  4. backup Nextcloud contacts to remote server

and finally

  1. one-click restore to remote server of entire Nextcloud infrastructure


What’s wrong with using the default backup functionality of mailinabox? It essentially includes all of the userdata and you can import it to another box relatively easily.


Oh, would you mind sending me the link to the guide ?


I would also like to know how to add apps to Nextcloud and which version of Nextcloud do I have ?


For backup, You run

cd mailinabox
sudo management/

And for making changes to nextcloud you’ll have to unlock admin first I’m not so sure about it so @murgero


There is a script in the tools folder to enable admin


@murgero, do you know if there are there any immediate downsides to enabling Nextcloud administrator to allow for software module installs; apart from any issues arising not being officially supported by MIAB?


It can open security risks. If the admin account is compromised then you can get data stole, email, etc. and malicious files can be uploaded too.


Is it possible to enable and disable the account as necessary?


I am not sure there is a way without messing with a database somewhere.