Backup Error v0.21c

Hello guys,

I have the following error when I visit backup status:

Something is wrong with the backup: ERROR 23
    . Another instance is already running with this archive directory
    . If you are sure that this is the  only instance running you may delete
    . the following lockfile and run the command again :
    . 	/home/user-data/backup/cache/77bb3fb2afb5975d26aa819871b4bd44/lockfile.lock

What shall I do?

Check if this persists. It might still be running a backup in the background. If it persists you can delete the lock file.

Ok i did:
rm /home/user-data/backup/cache/77bb3fb2afb5975d26aa819871b4bd44/lockfile.lock

How can I restart the backup procedure?

  1. First of all, create a snapshot (backup) of your CLOUD server.

  2. If your current backup is hosted in your MiaB server, delete your current backup(s) with:

rm /home/user-data/backup/encrypted/*

  1. Finally, to recreate a new full encrypted backup run:

/root/mailinabox/management/ --full

Hope this helps.

It did not help. I get the same error.