BackUp | Duplicity excluding dir's


I am mainly relying on my VPS provider to take a snapshots, so have turned off incremental BackUp,
but I am trying to finally migrate from v0.27 to latest version v0.48.

My VPS instance is cca 25GB in size and the backup files are cca 250MB in size. So I should have around 100 files in “/home/user-data/backup/encrypted” dir.

But instead disk will fill in with no space left with over 400 files …

So I forgot, that I have mounted a “NAS disc” that my VPS provider provides for one of my domain names that is running on the box - “/home/user-data/www/”
so when running the BackUp scipt “~/mailinabox/management/” it is trying to backup the NAS as well that is 250GB in size …

Yes, I have now unmounted the “myNAS”, but should I turn on the incremental backup (to MIAB), it would be an issue and same thing would happen again, plus I do not need back up of the NAS storage.

Is there any way to exclude this “DIR - /home/user-data/www/” from regular/one off backup process?

Couldn’t you simply unmount it?

Force a new backup from the command line.

OK, so if I permanently mount the NAS disc to “/home/user-data/www/” and turn on the backups (to it will be included in backup and there is no way to change this, right?

If it is mounted within the /home/user-data/ directories, it is going to be included in the backups.

Can you mount it elsewhere?

Yes, I could.
If I do, then “symlink” would not get backedup?

I am not familiar enough with Duplicity to know if it follows a symlink to do it’s backup. I would think not, though. But, I do not really know.