Backup cache director

Not sure if this is a coincidence but after just updating MIAB to latest version (V57) I started recieving these emails from my server :

System – Removed

? The backup cache directory /home/user-data/backup/cache has more than one backup target cache. Consider clearing this directory to save disk space.

I have gone into the cache directory and deleted everything but still recieving these emails as well as below ::

not enough values to unpack (expected 2, got 1)

My backups take place using amazon’s AWS ; not locally on the same server.

I had this experience as well. Backups continued to be made to my Scaleway S3 storage however.

I deleted all the sub-folders and files in the indicated cache directory. (I took a snapshot of the machine first for safety). Backups have continued to work as expected and the error message has gone away.

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