Attempt of list Nr. 1 failed. ClientError: An error occurred (403) when calling the HeadBucket operation: Forbidden

This upgrade has been a nightmare. It took me hours to get it setup because of the SSL issue. I thought everything was good for a full week and now out of the blue no accounts will send/receive. This started after I added 3 new emails this morning. Sometime between closing the laptop and landing at my destination all send/receive stopped. I have checked the logs and there are messages but nothing helpful that I can find. I can log in and all old emails are there. Just can’t send/receive.

After several hours I figured I should cut my losses and restore. Well that has turned into a nightmare.

Attempt of list Nr. 1 failed. ClientError: An error occurred (403) when calling the HeadBucket operation: Forbidden

I also host on S3 and since I have been sick since I did the upgrade I do not have incremental backups turned on. Worst case people need to check to make sure backups can be restored for S3 in v60.

and here is the message I get over and over in mail.err

Dec 19 22:20:58 box postfix/trivial-rewrite[21497]: fatal: dict_sqlite_lookup: /etc/postfix/ SQL prepare failed: disk I/O

Take a look at SQL prepare failed: disk I/O error?

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thank you for the link. I never saw that one in my searches! I guess I never searched for just "SQL prepare failed: disk I/o error’ I was so focused on the other part of the message? I can’t believe I missed that.

I ran your line and rebooted and now emails are flowing again.

Just wanted to add in here that the server flaked out again. The database got locked and I couldn’t even do a dump. After a few hours I got it fixed and had to run that same SQL line again. It then broke again a short time after but that I was able to fix right away.

I think I must have reached some type of limit. It’s 60GB of storage with 60 email accounts. Only half a dozen is probably being used a lot. I do have spikes on a couple of the munin graphs. The file table usage appears to have tripled just before the crash. I wonder what would cause that.

The issue is related to Changing password via roundcube does not function · Issue #2185 · mail-in-a-box/mailinabox · GitHub. It will reappear as long as users change passwords in the UI.

I saw the thread. Read the first two posts and then didn’t read the rest. Yep, that makes perfect sense for my issues.