Any emails received by my client are immediately dropped into spam folders

Ever since I switched our email over to Mailinabox all of our emails have started being dropped into spam folders.

All system checks are green and we are using mail in a box’s name servers. Domain is Any clues guys?

Hi Kashall,

How exactly are emails being sent? Meaning, using Roundcube, another client, or via a PHP script from another server?

I will DM you with an email address, please send a typical email to it and I will see what information the headers share.

Was this resolved? There doesn’t seem to be enough information in your post to resolve the issue.

I can see the domain is using Cloudflare as a DNS server and is currently configured to use Google for mail.

$ dig -t mx +short
$ dig -t txt +short
"v=spf1 ~all"

If you did not change you DNS server or your DNS records (including the mx records and spf text record), or allow enough time for your records to propagate, then mail sent from the MiaB server would be declared as spam.

Also, the IP address of the MiaB server should be evaluated to see if it is on any blacklists. Even when using a reputable VPS provider, your newly assigned IP address may have a bad reputation that you will have to overcome (or spool up a new server until you get one that does not have a bad reputation).

I never received a response from @Kashall to the message.

OP was also having delivery issues with AT&T a month ago. I fear that OP may have given up on MiaB with the issues that were happening. :frowning:

Unfortunately the decision was made to move them to G Suite because of the issues we were seeing. I thought it might of been the postfix headers but I’m not sure. Never figured out what broke.

Depending on what plan they got with ATT, ATT will block certain email or even add spam headers to it. Shit practice really.

The original owner started losing money so I had to immediately figure something out, just a instinct to got to Gsuite .