[Answered] Box unavailable for a minute every night

I installed a monitoring tool so I am alerted in case the box goes down for whatever reason. Seems that every night “https://box.domain.net/mail” is unavailable for about a minute around 4am CET. I also monitor “ns1.box.domain.net” which does not display the same issue.

Is there some maintenance running daily that could explain this or should I just ignore this?


MIAB will stop accepting mail whilst it performs a backup. This is scheduled to run at some point in the 03:00 hour per the time/timezone of the server [mine runs at 03:35]. I imagine this is what you are seeing.

These timestamps corresponds to the timestamp of my local rsync backup so I think you are spot on.
Thanks for clarifying.

Glad to be of help. Of course, any properly configured mail server will re-attempt delivery of mail if MIAB happens to be unavailable when it tries so this should not result in any lost mail.

What are you using to monitor? Looks useful!

I use Uptime Kuma with a telegram bot for notifications

I see that within uptime kuma aswell glad it was answered

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