Amazon sends same mail multiple times spread over the day

Hey all,

I upgraded my mailinabox instance from v51 to v53 on Tuesday. Since then I receive from Amazon each mail multiple times spread over the day but with the exact same timestamp. And it just won’t stop. It’s really only mails which are sent by amazon.

Here a screenshot of one of the mails:

Here a diff of the headers:

Am I correct that amazon sends me the mails multiple times or is this a bug in v53? And how to stop it? :smiley:

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That is what appears to be the case here.

Ok the issue went away. I’m not sure why. I configured MTA-STS and DNSSEC, because I didn’t it before. But I’m not sure if that was the issue.

Just for the record: Had the same issue with Each mail 7 times spread over the day. Maybe because they are using Amazon SES? Don’t know.

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