Amazon S3 backup not working?

I tried to setup the amazon S3 backup. After entering all informations, miab tells me “OK”, but “Available backups” shows “Backups are turned off.”

If I manually execute management/ I get the following error:

BackendException: No connection to backend
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "management/", line 467, in <module>
  File "management/", line 220, in perform_backup
    full_backup = full_backup or should_force_full(env)
  File "management/", line 134, in should_force_full
    for bak in backup_status(env)["backups"]:
KeyError: 'backups'

This is my user-data/backup/custom.yaml:

min_age_in_days: 3
target: s3://
target_pass: mytargetpass
target_user: mytargetuser

Any ideas?

thx, Jan

Looks to be the same problem as

hi i get the same problem i have the region frankfurt any solution please

issu resolved by change the region ,mail in a box not work with Signature Version 4 in aws s3 all region work with signature 2 and 4 only Frankfort and (Seoul) have only version 4 thats why backup failed in this region.
thank you for this great project

Changing the region is only a workaround and doesn’t resolve the issue…