Allowing another email server to send emails on domain

I think that’s what it’s called I don’t know what WordPress calls their built-in web mailer

AFAIK, WordPress doesn’t have anything built in that actually delivers mail. By default, it will use the PHP mail() function, which calls sendmail. How did you install WordPress?

I used digital Oceans One click install

You will need to consult the DO docs on how to configure mail for that server. I strongly recommend setting the hostname and rDNS record to your domain name.

You can optionally use MiaB as a relay:

There are also plugins for WordPress and other options, such as configuring postfix to be a transactional mail server.

The issue with the SPF failure is the MiaB default TTL of 86400 on all DNS records. You will have to wait for that to time out before it is fixed.

If you configure your own transactional mail server, I strongly recommend configuring DKIM. The tool used by MiaB is opendkim, but you will need to be sure not to use the same selector as the MiaB server. There are many tutorials and I think the last time I looked for one the Ubuntu community pages for this were pretty good.

I’d suggest just using a WordPress SMTP plugin and sending mail through your MIAB smtp server.

My favourite is Easy WP SMTP – WordPress plugin | but there are others.

It’s about a thousand times easier than all of the above. :slight_smile:

Unless you want system messages…

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