Allow self-signed certificates?

Is there a way I can allow the certificate installer to allow self-signed certificates?

It’s not currently possible, no.

Alright. Thank you for the reply. :smile:

Use this :

it works great. its free, and you only need to do it once in 3 years ^^

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Thank you so much man!

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Use this :

The link is dead. Takes forever to load. It times out. Got anything else besides StartCom SSL?

It loads for me, just as quickly as normal sites.

You should search google for “Free ssl 3 years” or 1 year , you will get a few results

Right, thanks. I’ll look into it.

I’m using this also :slight_smile:

Thanks for that! Used now for a fresh Miab build and worked very well with no headaches…

Even considering to verify final SSL implementation through: looking for an A+ rating will help, too.

@JoshData On other hand, Let’s Encrypt could be an excellent and FREE alternative (with auto-renewal features) as soon as it will become available within Q4 2015 (perhaps by setting it as an option in MiaB…!?)

I’ve been following Lets Encrypt closely. To the extent I have time to build it, I plan to have boxes automatically acquire Lets Encrypt certificates by default, yes.


Wow, that’s amazing! Please do so!!!

I got A+ rating on my box, everything is marked as good (at the box) except DNSSEC. I use Wosign for SSL.

A+ is the best rating, isnt it?

That’s the higest I got, too