All domains point to

Hello, I’ve added two new domains (let’s take and and they work, but they all point to (MIAB), which in turn redirects to the correct domains ( and

It has to redirect correctly to and not to or not?

I presume you are referring to the postmaster addresses is that correct?

Because all the domains on the box are run by a single administrator, then the postmaster addresses are all aliases of the main admin address. if you have a box set up with the domain.
The administrator of the box is

The postmaster addresses for all domains on the same box are all aliases of that address, i.e. post arriving for

Will all be treated as if it were directed to because that is the address of the administrator looking after mail for all three domains. You could set up filters on the address to put mail in different folders according to the to address in order to make it easier to identify problems with a specific domain.

Hope that helps.


ok, thanks for your detailed explanation.

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