All box filtering


As many of us do, I receive too much email. If I don’t read email for a few days, I have 600 emails to go through in no time and Unsubscribing each and every one of the newsletters who I joined without my own consent is too much for me so I would like to do the following:

  • get all emails into an All folder instead of INBOX;
  • each time an email arrives I run it past a whitelist filter and if it matches it is put into my INBOX, otherwise stays in All.

Note that All is not spam, there mgiht be things there that are not spam but which I don’t want them to bother me on a day to day basis. Does anyone know if this is doable with a mailinabox or if there’s another solution for this?


You could set up a filter (sieve) in round cube.

How would this work?

  • Move all emails from INBOX to All.
  • Move whitelisted emails from All to INBOX.

Are filters applied by the order they are defined?

Your gist seems about right. The rules are run in order. You can easily try it out in roundcube.