After upgrading to v0.42, autoconfig.domain.tld and autodiscover.domain.tld are added as normal domains

Before the upgrade, they weren’t in the control panel like manually added domains, now they are and require certificates. They also need manual dns entries and point to the normal webroot.

Shouldn’t they be automatically managed by MiaB?

Yes! they are currently managed through the MiaB admin panel … just visit Main/Certificates and call to provision them.

That’d solve the certificate problem if that’d be all. I’m sorry if my post was/is too vague. I’ll try again: the update added two subdomains (autodiscover and autoconfig) for each domain used. So 5 domains + the box subdomain -> 12 new manageable subdomains that were added automatically.

I’m not very familiar with the technical background of auto-discover, but aren’t those usually SRV records? Why did the box add all those domains? The webroot seems to be the default one, too.

If HTTP(S) is needed since the upgrade (and certificates need to be requested), why weren’t the DNS entries added automatically, too? Because before being able to provision certificates, I need to create custom CNAME records for all of them.

Check Main/DNS Externals tap in admin panel all needed entries for all your autodiscover.*.tld and autoconfig.*.tld surely were generated during the upgrade to v.0.42 then, should be already mentioned there.

They are, but I’m using MiaB as the primary DNS. That’s why I’m confused.

Ok, how to get rid of that new records.

After checking the status page and configuration files again, I found out that the IPv6 entries for the two subdomains autoconfig and autodiscover are missing on every domain. /etc/nsd/zones/domain.tld.txt has AAAA entries for itself, box, ns1, ns2 and www, but not autoconfig and autodiscover. /etc/nsd/zones/box.domain.tld.txt contains only IPv4 entries.

Creating certificates for the two subdomains isn’t possible because of missing IPv6 entries in DNS. Adding them in the Custom DNS tab would fix this, but shouldn’t that be added automatically to the zonefiles during installation?

I’m seeing the same thing.

No AAAA entries for the new subdomains, and no certificates issued for them.

I noticed that JoshData has now pulled v0.42, so I “upgraded” (downgraded) back to 0.41, however the domains are still showing up and no AAAA records or certs have been created for them.

Hopefully this will be fixed when v0.42 is re-released.

I had reported the same thing in After update, all domains suddenly have the "autoconfig." and "autodiscover." subdomains added to them. I still don’t know why those domains where added in the first place. Is this a new behavior?

PS: Seems this was added in AAAA records support will be added with