Admin reports 504 Gateway Timeout, upgrade hangs at "Installing Munin..."

I’ve inherited the maintenance of an existing and busy MIAB account, my tech knowledge can be classed as low in this area, so I’m really hoping somebody can help me with what I can only imagine are linked issues.

Problem 1 is that results in a “504 Gateway Timeout - nginx” error.

Problem 2 is that running curl -s | sudo bash hangs indefinitely with the last visible line being “Installing Munin (system monitoring)…”

I suspect that this first manifested itself following a re-install to upgrade a couple of months ago.

The installation is on ubuntu hosted on a Linode which has no other role other than MAIB.

I’m really struggling - can anyone help?

Hi there :wave:,

This issue seems to be related to Upgrade to 0.28 is failing/has failed which talks about issue installing Munin.