Admin Functions Not Working, Not Receiving New Mail

I’ve been running my setup for several months with no problems. Everything is updated. As of this morning, I can’t receive new emails. Also, the web status returns “Something went wrong.” I can login to webmail, connect with my email client. Sending mail works. I can SSH in.

I’ve tried rerunning the setup and rebooting. No change.

Suggestions on where to start? I have a backup from yesterday, but would prefer to debug rather than restore.

Check /var/log/syslog, and your free disk space.

Thanks for the reply! I cruised the logs, but nothing jumped out at me. Disk space is fine, I’ve got 20+ GB available.

I can’t find anything broken except incoming mail and Status checks. Everything is else is working. What should I search for in the logs? Any ideas?

What provider are you with?

Are you also able to upload the latest log file?

I’m on Linode. And, yes, but not sure I want to upload to logs for all the world to see :slight_smile: Is there something specific that you would look for?

Thanks for the help!

This is resolved. It turned out to be 2 separate issues.

  1. Mail problem was down to off-MiB DNS issues.
  2. The admin functions are magically working again. Not sure why.