Adding reporting to DMARC

First of all can I congratulate you on MIAB, I set this up on a VPS with 1&1 and apart from a few hiccups (setting my Glue records at 123reg, and 1&1 blocking port 25 oubound by default), the installation went pretty smoothly. I resolved the problems by contacting the relevant customer services. I shall get back in touch with 123reg and get them to add a DS record as well.

I note that the DMARC record doesn’t include rua= field for providing aggregate reports. Am I able to edit this manually? Or will the server reset the DMARC record back to it’s current setting.

I have this in one of my domains and for each domain that you sended and emails by day, you will recieve a report (one report by day and by domain that you send email)
At first can be useful to test changes on spf, but when pass days only lost resources and time and if you send only emails with IP of MIAB isn’t useful, because MIAB has well configured with DKIM and spf. I you like to add rua, I think you can modify the DMARC record, if you can’t by web try with DNS API. Don’t edit rdns because on each update of DNS or upgrade of MIAB you lost the chances. You can see the actual DMARC record with “External DNS” section.

Now I have problems with MIAB web changes and can’t try.