Adding a wildcard dns record

How can I add the wildcard dns record:

* 1800 IN A

The problem here is that I cannot seem to know what the value is. It’s an A record, the subdomain is * but how do I get the 1800 there for example? I am confused.

There are two solutions if this is not possble:

  • edit zone file manually;
  • not use mailinabox as a dns server, instead use my domain provider - gandi and use mailinabox for email only;

Anybody knows if any of these is possible?


The wildcard domain bug got fixed in the last update so it should work off your MIAB now, I noticed this myself when adding some (they have been an option for quite a while)


Just saw your reply. You are right. It was fixed in 0.25. Need to update. Still in 0.23 here.