Adding a new domain, what address imap and smtp?

Hello, I use mailinabox for 12 months with a single domain.
In Mozila Thunderbird I use for the address of the server and smtp the address

But today I have a new domain in Thunderbird I put

I create a mx parameter for the domain by redirecting to but Thunderbird returns an identifier error, should I use as server address instead of mail.mydomain2. fr

Thank you in advance.

Your MX record and login details will always be the same whether you serve email for 1 or 20 domains.

So if your MX record is for your domain it will be the same for or

What will change is the USER. The user will always be the specific complete email address.

I actually used the parameters of for mydomain2 and it works, but it seems to come from Thunderbird, because on my smarphone I use K9mail it uses automatically as address and and it works also.
I specify that I created two recordings on my registar of type A. and and redirected towards the ip of the mail server.

If the A record for the domain is still hosted on then you can just use as the MX and it will work.

Though, the proper configuration would be to use the A record of the MAIL SERVER not the VIRTUAL HOST. :smiley:

Just because something works, doesn’t mean that it is correct. As @murgero noted, there is a proper configuration.

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