Add domain to SSL Certificates

Hello, I have multiple email accounts and domains on my MIAB. To date I had been directing my email client (Thunderbird) directly to the box (, but I will soon be directing customers / colleagues emails to the box. So rather than directing them to I want to direct them to I have tested this by ‘mapping’ one of my own domains to my box by using a cname ( >…but when I initially retrieve my email for domains I am asked for a cert or to permanently add an exception. How do I avoid this, how do I add woofywoofpants to the SSL cert so it wont ask for this exception? What are the implications of allowing the exception? All help much appreciated

If the WWW is hosted on the box, you can just direct them to use “” instead. that will route properly and have a proper SSL certificate.

Hi Murgero, thanks for your reply…www is hosted on a separate server

@JonnyG – so what is wrong with ??? People SHOULD know that mail servers are not always on the same domain? Is it a vanity thing? Or a convenience thing?

I tried many different ways to come up with a do-able solution but failed due to the general nature of how email/domains/certs/etc. work. Sure, you could probably find a solution that works but it would be outside the scope of MiaB and thus be an unsupported modification - one that you likely would need to attend to often to keep it working.

If it is just that you don’t think that customers would like their email server be then I suggest registering an “appropriate” domain name. Maybe something such as and then change the box hostname to That solves the one problem … the other problem is people’s perceptions of what a mail server name MUST be … there is no easy fix for that.

Hi Alento, thanks for your reply. You’re right its about perceptions and I’ll probably just keep it as it is and use I was hoping there would be a simple solution such as edit the SSL cert on to add other domains…but it would appear not! So I’ll take the attitude that if ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’