Add Domain Only For Mail

First: Many thanks for this great addon here. The team are amazing :grinning:

My Setup works fine, all green :grinning:
But now i will create a new external Domain for a User. (same with mailgun service)

  1. The user login works fine.
  2. I send a mail with the new domain and it works, without any changes.
    But i can not answer. I write a mail on gmail, with no errors. But the mail not received :frowning:
    Its the same function which you use on mailgun software. Buy a domain, and make the dns records.

I donโ€™t understand the issue. Please elaborate.

I think that you are saying that when you send an email from Gmail to the new domain, it is not received? Is that correct?

Please PM me both your MiaB hostname, and the domain name that you added and I can check that everything is set up properly in DNS.

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Many thanks alento. I dont know how i can write a pm here, but no problem.

For testing, i buyed a test domain with namecheap. (no changes)
Then i added this domain to a user.
Then i go to roundcoupe and write a mail to gmail. That works!
But now i will answere with gmail, and this mail is not received.

If i use my hostname mail for checking, then both works :+1:

You seemingly have chosen to use External DNS for but have not entered any of the necessary records into your DNS providers panel. Your DNS is being handled by and (Namecheap)?

You need to either point the name servers to and or add the entries from the External DNS area of the admin pages to Namecheapโ€™s DNS. I suspect that you will need to do the latter as .de is (I believe) one of the TLDโ€™s that strictly enforces more than 1 IP address for name servers. You may want to consider setting up Secondary DNS with to remedy this limitation (if it exists).

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Many thanks alento. I will try next day :grinning: