Accidentally alias my admin

Hi I accidentally made my admin login a forward alias and now can’t remove it or send from it.
How can I fix?

Add the admin user as a permitted sender to the alias. You should be able to send with no problem then.

As far as removing the alias, I had no problem doing so … what error message are you getting when you try?

Heres some pictures alento. I was able to set it up to let someone else to send from it instead of alias so it should work, can’t remove it though for some reason.


Capture capture2 capture3 Capture4

Yep … as the image indicates, the alias itself needs to have the permitted sender set. Edit the alias and add the same user as a permitted sender by selecting the second radio button. (I’ll enter the mail users that can send mail claiming to be from the alias address. )

Is there a way to remove the alias?

As I said I faced no issue removing the alias … what happens when you do it?

You will need to create a second admin user if you are trying to remove the user itself as the system requires at least one admin user.