Accessing SpamAssassin control panel

Hello all,

I created my MIAB a couple weeks ago as a graduate project, in an attempt to fight spam, phishing and malicious emails. I am able to access the MIAB control panel but I also need to access the SpamAssassin control panel so I can view and edit emails that have been marked as spam, malicious or even quarantined. I have not seen any instructions on setting up or accessing the SpamAssassin control panel, I need to be able to do this to accomplish my project objective. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

I don’t think there’s a spamassassin control panel included with a MiaB installation. You can see the messages marked as spam in the spam folder in the webmail interface, Login

There is an old discusion on Webmin. I have not tried it yet.
Do let us know if it works

Thank you @KiekerJan, I tried to login to webmail using my control panels username and password as well as a username and password for a normal account but I get the following error “There was an error verifying your information: The information you entered does not appear to be a mailbox.”