I pimped my MiaB server – wow!

guys, installing cockpit and webmin and squid is super easy! I now wield tremendous power over my €3 lunanode! Also streisand works like a charm (currently on a separate machine) giving you V2–ray and wireguard. squid is much faster than tinyproxy!

so far no problems whatsoever! much bang for 3 bucks per month! :pizza::fries::bagel::kiwi_fruit::strawberry:

How about also explaining how you installed those, then?

I can only speak for Webmin, as I install it on all my MiaB installations … just follow their install instructions. http://www.webmin.com/deb.html

Personally, I add the APT repository. One thing I do for security reasons is change the default port from 10000.

This isn’t security. You will get security by running updates at least weekly. The actual function of the non-default port usage is to (marginally) reduce server load and log noise. Any real attacker just scans all of the ports.

If you want security with webbin (which you do) you should use webmin’s 2FA. I always use 2FA since you can do anything on the server once you login into webmin

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