A Record Update On Domain Name Not Working

Hey y’all,

I can’t seem to find a solution to this.

I can’t get my box to redirect my domain to the IP I set in the A record. I haven’t had any trouble redirecting subdomains to other servers, and a check at whatmydns shows that my update went through.

My first thought was that I had the site cached locally, but I checked in a private window & on another device and the domain still points to MIAB. Now I’m thinking that my box might not pointing at the IP I set it to because I have mail users on my domain.

Is there a way to keep my email users as user@domain.com while redirecting requests to domain.com to a frontend hosted at another IP?

Thanks, I appreciate any feedback you’ve got.

Looks like I made a rookie mistake- just needed to clear my cache. Problem solved!