2nd Domain Website Hosted at a Different IP Setup

I have a 2nd domain that I have setup email on MIAB and it is working fine. Followed the maintenance / setup guides and no problems.

Now, I want to point my MIAB nameservers to the 2nd domain name’s website to a different www server (different IP).

I looked in the bind config files and not sure what to do. Any ideas?

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you got to go to your /admin page, and add a A record under custom DNS

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Something is amiss. I added an “A” and “AAAA” record for my webserver as you noted. I admit I didn’t check the “Custom DNS” menu option… duh. I went straight to the bind config files :crazy_face:

Anyway… the DNS lookup for pointwell.com is pointing to the right IVP4 and IVP6 addresses. However, when you type in “pointwell.com” or “www.pointwell.com” it does not resolve to the correct server. What to do? BTW… the correct server is presenting the limited WordPress site I have setup.

Here’s a screenshot of the domain from the “Status Check” page.

So I am confused … which is it? Did you edit the zone files, or Custom DNS??

Is this what it is supposed to be pointing to: is your webserver?

Yes, it is and the screenshot is what it should be pointing to. I did the Set Custom DNS Records field screen, not editing the zone files.


It was probably just some “caching”. Either your browser which was serving you the old page it had in cache (F5 reloads in this case, which you probably tried), or the DNS your computer was querying which had the old IP in cache. Here, you just had to wait a little. I also land on your wordpress page (the screenshot). So, your domain currently “points well” :wink:

Good one. Thanks for your help!!