You need to let ppl know you're not fixing ActiveSync

I finally got around to upgrading and immediately notice that active sync no longer works. As i was reading the “Known issues for v60” it becomes clear that Sync is not being continued.

it would be nice to know that it’s broken BEFORE we upgrade

seriously, as it sits now when someone upgrades from a previous build where ActiveSync works to your new build, all clients fail to connect. Not the result any of us expect when installing an update.

ok, i found some detail on fixing active sync but nothing cohesive. I have tried the following:
Edit /usr/local/lib/z-push/backend/ipcsharedmemory/ipcsharedmemoryprovider.php
edit policies.ini in the same dir
added sym links
modified a php file

and it still wont work. MS remote connectiviity analyizer says that everything works fine until it tries to send the FolderSync command and it gets an invalid WBXML response
New phones get thru the setup, prompt for password then fail to connect to the server.

oddly enough z-push-admin shows a phone but last sync time to never. when the user tries to get mail from that phone they get an error “the connection to the server failed”. this phone was setup prior to the upgrade.

z-push-admin also says "PhP Deprecated: required param $supportedfields follows optional parameter $odoName in /user/…/syncobject.php on line 173

Hi Wil,

I have a working script to patch standard MIAB, if your willing to test it.
curl -s | sudo bash
Feedback is welcome.

This pulls Z-Push from an updated repo and re-runs the mailinabox set up to install it.

The updared repo is GitHub - matidau/Z-Push: PHP8 support and other bug fixes for Z-Push in mailinabox


I may try it depending on the response from MailInABox. At this point i have downgraded to .57 and everything is fine again
would you be willing to provide the text of the script so i can see what your asking me to run?

There’s some ongoing discussion about this at Exchange/ActiveSync - Not Working - Version 60 · Issue #2189 · mail-in-a-box/mailinabox · GitHub. Anyone is welcome to fix the problem if there is a simple solution. Some of the top comments on the main announcement at Version 60 for Ubuntu 22.04 is released note the issue.

Text of the script is available on github Z-Push/ at php8.x · matidau/Z-Push · GitHub

You can also just pop the url in the browser to download it.

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I appreciate the links, but i’ve been there. I have followed the suggestions i can find, but nothing has fixed it for me.
I appreciate the work you have done to date with this setup. I hope you’ll be able to resolve this issue before 1804 goes EOL

o cool! I ran the script and it did fix z-push!!! TY very much for finding this

so how will this impact my install of miab? when updates come out will i need to follow your direction or will this be merged back into the mail build?
edit: main build, not mail build lol

Thanks for the PM with your testing info, greatly appreciated.

This script is changing the repo source from the previous PHP7 Z-Push to my updated PHP8 fork by editing the MIAB setup script.

When a new version of MIAB is run it will overwrite my changes and point back to the PHP7 repo. You will simply need to rerun the patch and it will fix it up.

I’ve kept it like this so that the patch is more of a you need to opt in to it with each version. This is so when an official fix is included in a future MIAB release there is no need to modify things that might be a hard coded fix.

I’ll work with the maintainers to see if this is suitable as a permanent fix through GitHub.


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