Would anyone use a MIAB appliance?


So I am using TurnKeyLinux + Jenkins to automate appliance building for things like a lamp appliance, nextcloud, etc (Not affiliated with turnkeylinux, but using their core appliance to build custom ones). I was wondering, if I somehow got MIAB to build as an appliance using my automated method, would anyone be willing, or would use / want, this as an install option?

This would build from the master github branch as well. This would be an installer like any other OS but the resulting install would have MIAB already installed.


I like this idea. Keep us posted on your progress. Ill give it a try with a spare domain, and migrate my mains over if it works out well. Always nice to have the proverbial one button rebuild.


I am thinking of having it auto install defaulting to /dev/sda and taking the whole drive, and either have it run the miab setup after install or have miab pre-installed and pre-configured for like example.com or something.