Work with one single TopLevelDomain.Net ONLY

say one purchased a domain e.g. “ThisDom.Net

currently using aliases you can easily use an email-address such as


however, several zones / domains are involved totally:

it would be nice to have 1 single zone for everything instead of these 4 zones.

But I also understand this creates some trouble with glue records and what not.

using BIND , it is not too hard to “serve root @ home” and consequently serve a TLD with everyting we need for MiaB in it.

But MiaB does not employ BIND , instead it used a simpler nameserver.

has someone tried to work on a single-zone setup maybe ?

it seems promising in terms of simplicity. That is – if it does not introduce too much stressing us out power-users and admins.

I dreamt of having the complete setup in a single portable zone file . offers to import/export those zonefiles very handily. This is limited to their zones while DNS in MASTER-MODE: if one uses their dns-servers in slave mode, no such zone files can be made use of. bummer!

instead one must struggle with all those APIs. I mean has a workable API but not all DNS-record-types are fully supported as of now. so migrating amongst registrars is very painful.

Having to work with 4 or more zones might introduce extra troubles for first time users or even power users.

I always prefer KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Sorry, but the internet simply does not work like that.

Really not certain what the issue is here. Many people successfully use Secondary DNS. Perhaps you’d be willing to elaborate?

For what?

How so? What is your vision of what ‘migrating amongst registrars’ is?

Sorry but each domain is only 1 zone with the exception of the hostname’s zone.

well I have “migrated” my MIAB using 3 different services :slight_smile:

1. the original registrar : OK but DNSSEC troubles

2. cloudflare : complete bummer, everything broken.

3. : pretty decent , good DNSSEC + mail reputation.

so how do you call those 4 things I enumerated in the O.P. ? subdomains or what ?