WordPress running on a DigitalOcean droplet, domain at Name.com

Hey guys, I hope I can get some help with proper DNS setup.
My Wordpress site (Ubuntu LAMP on 18.04) hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet, and MIAB box on a separate droplet. My domain name is with Name.com

My site works when I visit it with www. (connection not secure), but without www. it brings you to “https:// box.MyWPwebsite .com” (connection secure). I’m afraid people will visit without typing the www and get routed to the “this is a mail-in-a-box” page instead.

Can you tell me if this is setup correctly? In my MIAB’s section of Custom DNS,

  • I have “A records”:
    www. MyWPwebsite .com,
    MyWPwebsite .com,
    *.MyWPwebsite .com,
    … pointing to my DO WP IP.

  • More “A records”:
    box.MyWPwebsite .com,
    ns1.boxMyWPwebsite .com,
    ns2.boxMyWPwebsite .com,
    … pointing to my DO box IP.

  • “MX record”:
    MyWPwebsite .com,
    … pointing to box.MyWPwebsite .com

Should I also have a CNAME in there and how do I set it up? Anything else missing?

** Let’s Encrypt **
I also need to secure my site, I tried in MIAB with Let’s Encrypt but no luck. In the “TLS (SSL) Certificates” section of MIAB, for my WP site (with WWW and without WWW) it says:
“The domain’s website is hosted elsewhere.”

  • All others certificates (ie. autodiscover.box.MyWPwebsite .com, box.MyWPwebsite .com, etc.) say “The domain name does not resolve to this machine”
  • How can I get the certificate free from MIAB?

When trying to add a free Let’s Encrypt certificate in Digital Ocean it says:
“Failed to validate nameserver records: a non DigitalOcean Name Server was found for ***** domain.”
The Nameservers on Name.com are going to nameservers 1 & 2 (ns1.box.MyWPwebsite .com) for my site or to nameservers 1, 2 & 3 for Digital Ocean (ns1.digitalocean)

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Sokay, but why the wildcard? They simply confuse things, IMHO.

NO, you should not be entering any of this in your Custom DNS. It is already there…


CNAME for what? Do you have any other services running on your domain? Only you can answer if there is anything else missing. :slight_smile:

Get rid of the wildcard … remember my earlier comment?

Have you installed a LA(E)MP stack, or used their preconfigured WP droplet? I have no idea why you are encountering this other than it is caused by the preconfigured WP droplet - and there is some procedure that you have to follow to use it with LE. Almost seems that they are EXPECTING to host your DNS. (Which maybe you should be doing - but that is a different conversation)

Not sure what you are saying here? Is this a question or statement? If a question – from everything you have said so far it should be towards the ns1.box.domain.com. If a statement, and you have ALL 5 NS listed at the registrar … remove the DO ones.

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