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I have a website at wix.com. www.simplydrivers.co.uk. I have just setup MIAB at Linode (2 days now, running smoothly and learned loads). However i am unable to change the nameservers at Wix - they just state NS’s are not editable. So I have edited the mx record at wix to point to my MIAB, which works, but the status shows errors (NS’s do not reslove etc), mxtoolbox also gives loads of errors. I don’t really want to transfer the domain, as I would probably have to rebuild the website…any advice, much appreciated. Thanks, Jon

You likely just have DNS entry issues.

For example, you have no SPF record for simplydrivers.co.uk. I suspect you will have various DMARC issues and you may consider p=none until you complete testing. You need to be sure your DKIM records are set up correctly and being served correctly.

It might be more helpful if you post all of the errors you are getting.

Also, maybe someone here can link to a guide that explains everything you need to set up.

Hello, thanks for your reply. Here are the errors I am getting, firstly on the MIAB status page and secondly on mxtoolbox. The errors are less than was showing yesterday…also what is p=none, sorry a bit new to all this, but enjoying the learning curve!

Once again any advice much appreciated

Ok. You are using what is called External DNS for the site simplydrivers.co.uk.

You need to go to the MiaB admin area Status>External DNS page and enter the appropriate settings shown there in your DNS at Wix.

The errors that you are seeing in MiaB can be ignored safely for this domain as you are using External DNS and your webpage is not hosted on the MiaB itself.
The first error on MXtoolbox will resolve itself once you have added the DNS entries in the DNS at Wix. The second error is an error that Wix has caused by not following the internet standards.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Ok, its falling into place now, I think…but just to check.

So If I redirect my NS’s to my mail in a box (so from Wix, Namecheap or Fasthosts etc to my MIAB… on my Linode VPserver) then that redirects everything to my box at MIAB, so all requests that are put out to the internet for mydomain.com will end up at my MIAB (unless I change my DNS on my MIAB)…also all of my DNS can be set in my mail in a box… and the DNS settings will then be ‘transmitted’ back to the internet?

However if I only change the mx record on my host (wix in this case) to point to my MIAB then that will have the effect of only directing mail requests put out on the internet (so anything @mydomain.com) to my MIAB. The DNS settings (one of which is the mx record?) will still be set at wix and ‘transmitted’ to the internet from wix?

Have I got it?
Thanks again

This conversation is not really possible to have with generalities. You have 2 different domain names involved here and have to be aware of each.

At present DNS for simplydrivers.co.uk is being provided by Wix. Your DNS for apuppydogstail.co.uk is being provided by your installation of MiaB at the hostname box.apuppydogstail.co.uk which is hosted on a Linode VPS.

Yes, you COULD redirect your Name Servers with your domain registrar (for simplydrivers.co.uk) to the name servers ns1.box.apuppydogstail.co.uk and ns2.box.apuppydogstail.co.uk. Doing so you would need to add custom A record entries to your MiaB for simplydrivers.co.uk and www.simplydrivers.co.uk to point to the WIX based website. In MY OPINION, I would not do this. My reasoning would be that without additional steps implemented your MiaB install on box.apuppysdogtail.co.uk you would potentially have a single point of failure for your (presumably) business website. Wix has 2 different ns servers operating on 2 different IP addresses and presumably those are on separate servers in separate locations - this helps eliminate the single point of failure.
If you REALLY want to host DNS for simplydrivers.co.uk then I would absolutely suggest that secondary DNS be set up with a secondary DNS provider which will receive the DNS information from the names servers at box.apuppydogstail.co.uk via AXFR. This would be the proper methodology for “transmitting DNS back to the internet” (I think - not completely sure of your meaning). This set up is a completely separate discussion.

The MX record box.apuppydogstail.co.uk will be the correct MX record to set in DNS for ALL domains receiving email at that MiaB installation.

Only changing the MX record at Wix will have the effect of only directing your email where to go. As a general rule you can only use ONE set of name servers for a domain for things to work properly, so it is either the Wix name servers or the MiaB name servers. So, you need to either add the records I already mentioned in System>External DNS for simplydrivers.co.uk in the Wix DNS, or change the name servers with your registrar to ns1 & ns2.box.apuppydogstail.co.uk and make the changes I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Brilliant! I totally understand your answer…which is definitely progress, as I wouldn’t of understood a word of it 2 days ago!

I will keep it as is for now and deal with the DNS at Wix, and when I am a bit more confident with DNS I may even attempt setting up my own primary and secondary DNS servers on separate IP’s in separate locations, just for fun…but of course keeping any mission critical stuff well away from my ‘tinkerings’!

Thanks again for your help, Jon

Be sure you know all of the places you send mail from. If you set your various mail-related DNS records to only send mail from your MiaB server, then anywhere else mail is sent using an @simplydrivers.co.uk email address may end up in spam folders or rejected altogether.

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