WireGuard VPN access

I am thinking about adding a " WireGuard" VPN to my MIAB, I have it running at home on RaspberryPi and NAS and DVB-T2 and DVB-S2X streamers an works great, but only over IPv4.

Could it maybe be added to MIAB and restric access only via WireGuard to access admin on the box?

Cloudflare WARP offers WireGuard with IPv6
but I have not been able to implement WG with IPv6, is there anyone over here good with IPv6 and perhaps could help wihth set-up?

OFFTOPIC: Try WG on you mobile with Cloudflare WARP service:
#WireGuard - Next generation secure VPN network tunnel

#Download WG client
WireGuard client from F-Droid
WireGuard client from GooglePlay

WireGuard client for Windows

#Download warp.conf file for Cloudflare WARP

#Import “warp.conf” into your wg client and connect

#test - Using DNS over WARP - Yes

Ref: https://github.com/maple3142/cf-warp

My VPS provider is using old kernel (that does not support) WireGuard - OpenVZ Legacy …

Do the major VPS providers support WireGuard kernel?

I have a couple of VPS at Linode. Both were running MiaB.

They were personal email servers. One is .net the other is .xyz.

The latter was the least used.

There is an application called PiVPN. It will do Wireguard or OpenVPN or both. It will install on the Pi but it will also install on Ubuntu or Debian.

I installed it over the running MiaB. It worked fine with Wireguard. Sadly email quit working. The web server still worked. The Admin still worked.

I took .xyz down and installed Ubuntu 20.04 and then installed PiVPN again. It works.

I wish PiVPN and MiaB would coexist.

The Linode VPS allows unlimited incoming traffic and 1 TB outgoing traffic. Since I have two and they aggregate the data, I have 2 TB available.

I have been using it with our phones and tablets.

Last month we used about 50 gig of it. That was both WiFi and LTE.

After you have set up Wireguard on the server, install the app on the phone. The server can generate a QR code. You set up the phone by letting it see the QR code and boom you’re done.


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I have Wireguard running on my Miab box without issues for quite a while. Try this script:

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Thanks for posting this.

I really appreciate it.


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