Will my wife kill me?

Hey Everyone!

Wanting to move our calendars over to the Owncloud calendars bundled with Mail in a Box.

I’ve got an android phone, my wife has got an iPhone.

If I transfer things over, is she going to kill me?

What’s the most reliable way to set it up. I’ve found z-push to be a bit glitchy, so Caldav seems better.

Are there any recurring task issues to watch?

I’ve had quirks with other calendar setups. Never seems simple!

Cheers! Ryan

I moved all our calendars/contacts from Google over to the miab ownCloud. My wife hasn’t complained.

One thing I found that wasn’t working as nice, was automatically received invites appearing in the calendar as tentative.

Thanks! Sounds promising :). I’m not sure, but I know auto invites appearing as tentative in the calendar can also be a feature of different email/calendar clients.
I think we can live with that :slight_smile:

The only trouble I’ve had is with daylight saving (summer) time. My state doesn’t have daylight saving but all the calendars think they do. Haven’t been able to convince them otherwise yet.