Why whitelisting domain does not work?

Here is the line in the log that is causing my headache:

May 6 13:34:32 mail postfix/smtpd[154935]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from esa.hc681-85.ap.iphmx.com[]: 450 4.1.8 MAILER-DAEMON@esa1.hc681-85.ap.iphmx.com: Sender address rejected: Domain not found; from=MAILER-DAEMON@esa1.hc681-85.ap.iphmx.com to=dmarc@ppgcloud.com proto=ESMTP helo=<esa.hc681-85.ap.iphmx.com>

Here are the entries in my /etc/postgrey/whitelist_clients (I put a space before each top level domain to allow to display correctly here in forum)

iphmx. com
*.iphmx. com
ap.iphmx. com
hc681-85.ap.iphmx. com
esa4.hc681-85.ap.iphmx. com
secureserver. net

Can you see my frustration?
What am I doing wrong?


seems like your box is unable to lookup DNS records successfully.

if you do a “dig google.com MX +short” what do you get?

now “dig iphmx.com MX +short”

do they resolve?

user@mail:~$ dig iphmx.com MX +short
10 mx1.cesactivationprod.iphmx.com.
10 mx2.cesactivationprod.iphmx.com.
user@mail:~$ dig google.com MX +short
10 smtp.google.com.

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mail:/etc/postfix$ dig iphmx.com MX +short
10 mx2.cesactivationprod.iphmx.com.
10 mx1.cesactivationprod.iphmx.com.

mail:/etc/postfix$ dig google.com MX +short
10 smtp.google.com.

Seems like they resolve just fine. Still seeing the dmarc report get rejected.
Thanks for trying.

dig esa1.hc681-85.ap.iphmx.com gives me NXDOMAIN. So maybe that’s a problem?

Ok, but if I list that domain in the whitelist file, should it not pass through regardless?
I also put in the IP address. That didn’t work either.

Or am I putting it in the wrong place?

I think the postgrey whitelist has nothing to do with this. This looks like postfix rejecting the domain outright.

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Thank you for the hypothesis.
I can accept this.