Why Ubuntu 14? Why not 16 or 17? Any Reason?

I’m just curious. Why? any specific reason?

Ubuntu 14.04 was the Ubuntu version that existed when the project began.

So, why not move to 16, the newer the better, right?

Please see:

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To simplify this:

  • LTS Server is good for five years.
  • LTS versions come out every two years.
  • With the above in mind, Josh can skip every other LTS version and still have a fully supported OS.

But it’s not by design, it’s just that no one has yet put the time in to actually making the upgrade happen. So we’re lucky we have four years to do it!


…until in 3.9 years someone suddenly remembers that LTS is about to run out and it becomes a rush job with the undesirable consequences it brings. Not to say that it need to happen this year, but better not wait until the last moment either.

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