Why is internal DNS 'strongly recommended'?

Hi there, first post!

Ok, this question is NOT intended to start a flame war, so please don’t think I am picking at something. I just have found no why on the subject of internal vs external DNS.

Some background, I have been in the hosting biz for nearly two decades, so DNS is not a mystery for me. Also, I have been in both camps (run my own nameserver and use others) and understand the general pros and cons in either case.

I have a client, a non-profit, that has been using MIAB for a while, and they are looking for help moving it to a new host and adding some redundancy. However, the documentation seems to strongly suggest internal DNS. On the other hand, it looks like the use of external DNS is a simple matter of duplicating the suggested DNS records the MIAB provides.

So, that said, what is the rational behind the suggestion for internal DNS? And what can I expect to break if we did external DNS? What am I missing?

Thanks, btw, for a great project, and great documentation!

For most people it’s easier and more likely to lead to a correct setup. That’s all.

If you follow the control panel’s External DNS page’s guidance correctly (or if you just do it right, however you want to do it), external DNS is totally fine. Although the system status checks aren’t smart enough to realize you may be setting different DNS records - you just have to know to ignore it. (Though, also, you may have to be extra careful if you have DNSSEC turned on or want to turn it on.)


Thanks, that is what I was hoping the answer was. Much appreciated!

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