Why is a ".ca" domain listed as "avoid"?

I’d like to try this out and I have a .ca domain name in mind (that I already own) but the Setup Guide lists “.ca” as “avoid” (along with .at, .de, .nl) Curious why this is (and if it’s still true.)


I think this is in relation to some of the physical requirements associated with registration.

For example, see the below Rules listing on .ca domains at Registrar Gandi.
.CA domains at gandhi.net

.de and .nl have something similar, though .at appears to be open to anyone.

.ca does allow DNSSEC as does .de and .nl, but .at is not listed as allowing it, according to another list on Gandi.

This is just my best guess–someone who actually wrote the guide may have a better answer.

Thanks. I wondered if it was a technical restriction about the .ca domain itself, or instead just something about who gets to register “.ca” domains. As I’m in Canada, I can get a .ca easily enough - am proceeding with mail-in-a-box setup now and we’ll see how it goes. (So far so good!)

I think if you already have a domain registered, it may be much easier. Let us know how it goes and good luck!

Also, I would point out I just came across the following relating to .de domains

From Gandi’s wiki
"…for example, in the case of .de domains in which you need to have at least 2 name servers in a different physical location."

Since MIAB uses the same IP, this would create an additional technical hurdle. Not every registrar offers a free secondary NS.

That was the same reason I marked .ca as problematic.

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