Why every email that have been sent by mail in box server reported as a spam?

I have established a mail server by Mail inbox. everything works fine, but every email that have been sent by this mail server to Gmail, Hotmail, or yahoo reported as spam.

How this problem can be solved?

  1. Have you checked to insure that your IP address isn’t blacklisted?
  2. Is your domain brand new?
  3. Have you tested using https://mail-tester.com?
  4. Are you using Digital Ocean?

These are just a few questions off the top of my head…

Use a SMTP relay such as:

I test my mail server by (https://mail-tester.com/)
the result of this test is:

although my score is 7.6, Gmail still is considered the emails that have been sent with this mail server as spam!.
please guide me.

Gmail being Gmail. PM me a link to the test results and I can possibly offer some guidance.

Please give me a email address for sending the link.

The problem is that there is no rDNS (PTR) record for your MiaB server’s IP. Set rDNS and after that is done, wait a while then do another mail-tester.com test.

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