Why does the home page show v0.50?

My MIAB Status Report shows the current version as 0.51.

The home page shows the current version as 0.50.

Because people are human and some things get forgotten or overlooked.


I typically wait a bit before announcing new versions so that if there are any issues found by early adopters we get it resolved first.


Maybe I’m over cautious but I’m somewhat uncomfortable with the need to edit the system to make the 50 to 51 upgrade work. Should I proceed, or wait for a fix? Sorry again if this is a silly question or concern and I do appreciate the hard work you do.

The upgrade has worked fine for some people and not fine for others, but it doesn’t appear that anyone has identified the cause of the problem yet, so I don’t really have an answer to that, unfortunately.

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Just wanted to followup by saying my 50 to 51 upgrade completed without any intervention. Thanks.