Where to host that is HIPAA compliant


Any cloud provider that I can host mail-in-a-box that would be hipaa compliant?


AWS is apparently HIPAA compliant:

Also, Microsoft Azure, RackSpace, and I think TrueVault.

In the guide, it states that:

ā€œ(Most any cloud provider will do, but not Amazon Web Services because its network is often blocked to prevent users from sending spam.)ā€ .

Is the above statement just a warning?
I am not against trying to setup in AWS since I have only about 400 emails and most traffic would be between email accounts in the same domain. Iā€™m not sending spam either.


The cloud provider you choose must be HIPAA certified I think and AWS is. That being said you will need to just use google to look up your information. AWS does offer a free trial for like 2 weeks (last I checked like 3 years ago)

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