Where to change webmail/roundcube session_lifetime

I’m new to rolling my own mail server, Mail-in-a-Box. I notice that by default there is a 10 minute webmail/Roundcube session lifetime.

I see that can be changed by setting:
$config['session_lifetime'] = <something-more-than-10>;

in /usr/loca/lib/roundcubemail/config/config. But at the top of that file it says:

Do not edit. Written by Mail-in-a-Box. Regenerated on updates.

I’ve searched the Setup Guide, Maintenance Guide, and forums here, but don’t see where I should be setting session_lifetime such that it won’t be overwritten on upgrade.

Can someone please tell me where/what should be modified? Thanks.

you can edit the roundcube file. Keep in mind it would be considered an “unsupported modification”. I have edited mine for the very same reason. The modification works immediately but will be lost the next time you “upgrade” to a new version of MIAB.

Typically I keep a running list of all the “small” modifications that Ive done in my user directory /home/username mods.txt so I know what to go back and look at after an upgrade.

I’m sure some people could get really crafty and write a shell script to put the mods back in after an upgrade but I really dont have enough time to worry about it. Upgrades are not all that frequent and the text file I created does the job.

That’s exactly the method I use, it’s just a few minutes work after each upgrade and it doesn’t seem worth the effort of doing anything more complex.

OK, thanks all. I’ve started my list of mods with that, and with changing postfix recipient_delimiter = ±

Do you have any other mods I should consider doing?

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