Where to buy domain name for MIAB

Where can i purchase domain name with glue records and DNSSEC that accepts bitcoin payment, I dont want to buy from gandi, any alternative?

Please assist

Well you were doing good until you said Bitcoin.

Almost any domain registrar will do … maybe Google can recommend one which accepts Bitcoin?

Well looky there … lot’s to choose from. Of that list my most recommended would be NameSilo.

The ones i have tried doesn’t have DNSSEC option.
Please recommend.

Thank you…will have a look

NameSilo definitely supports DNSSEC as well as NameCheap. I also believe that Porkbun does as well, but I’d have to check them.

Got a domain from NameSilo, but doesn’t support glue records :sweat_smile:

Uhmm, check again …


NameSilo calls them ‘Registered Name Servers’

And DNSSEC is above that:

seen now … thanks a lot

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Please advise if this is fine.

2 GB Dedicated RAM
30GB SSD Space
3TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Connection
Fully Remote Access, VNC
Virtualizor Control Panel
Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04 x64 Server

How many users, domains? How many people will be logged in to webmail concurrently?

For a small organization or personal use, that is more than fine. Just be certain that the virtualization is NOT OpenVZ.

Just out of curiousity - which VPS provider and what is the price?

For folks who come across this in future; can confirm that Porkbun support DNSSEC and glue records (management interface; 2nd column; see bottom). Note this is where Porkbun as the registrar puts the appropriate credentials from your DNS nameservers to the TLD zone file. Porkbun’s own DNS service doesn’t actually support DNSSEC.

Oh and on the specs; I have VPS with only 1 core and 1Gb RAM and still very ok for personal use.

I use google domains.

i am using https://support.routerhosting.com/cart.php
price is $9.95 USD
please have a look and advise

If this is not okay, please advise where i can get VPS that will work better…

seen …thank you

Well, to me the fact that their website does not load is not a good sign.

Yes, the shopping cart loads, but not their actual website. Pricewise they seem rather pricy. I can’t offer any more than that without seeing their site.

For folks who come across this in the future, let’s just clarify:

"Porkbun’s authoritative DNS does not support DNSSEC, however, we can install the registry-level record for you as provided by your third-party DNS provider (such as Cloudflare)."

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Find website and it is loading https://www.routerhosting.com/

Their site is blocked from my location - I had to use a VPN to see it.

I have no opinion one way or the other to be honest.

Is this okay, please advise

1 vCore

2 GB


Public bandwidth

Ubuntu 20.04


You have to talk around what is usage pattern going to be. For a mail server for single user ; lots of headroom and no issues. For a large organizations with hundreds (thousands?) of users and noticeable number of concurrent connections - not enough.