Where in the docs should tips with duplicity reside?

I recently upgraded the box to which my backups are directed. When setting up the new rsync, I realized I wasn’t exactly sure how to list the files that were in the backups, nor was I able to restore files from backups. This is bad. :slight_smile:

After some tinkering and looking over the forums here, I came up with this command to list the files:

PASSPHRASE=$(cat secretkey.txt) duplicity list-current-files file://. > list-of-backup-files

Once I identified a file to test restore, I ran this command to restore the files:

PASSPHRASE=$(cat secretkey.txt) duplicity restore --file-to-restore testfile file://. testdir

It succeeded in restoring the files, throwing some errors since I didn’t run as root, but that was fine.

Is there any interest in adding some basic how-to-restore documentation to MIAB? If so, should it be in the repo somewhere, or should it be on the backup page on the server, or what?


There are already some tips on the main MIAB website under

Restoring backup files

Very nice! And right under the docs I was reading for my upgrade this morning. Oops. :slight_smile:

It would probably help to add the link you posted in your reply to the MIAB backups page.

Thank you for the quick response!


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