Where i can see which emails are blocked except in log file?

I would like to see all emails which are marked as spam…

thank you

All messages are saved in the maildir files for the email user account. If a message is blocked by postfix, it will not be saved anywhere.

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yep, if the message is blocked or rejected the only place you can see mention of the mail at all is the actual mail.log file, but it would not contain the message as @openletter stated. Rejected messages are not saved by the server. /var/log/mail.log which I assume you know for the log.

yes, i am familiar with logs.
Ok, is there a possibility to set to log rejected ones?


Be aware, that kind of configuration will require changing from the configurations created by the MiaB scripts, so every time you update MiaB, your changes will be reverted to what the project configures, so you will forever be battling the project.

Based on your posts to the forum, I recommend making a careful list of all of the things you are trying to do and post that list here or in the Slack channel, because it sounds like you want to do things that MiaB is not a very good tool for.

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thank you for answer, i will join slack to resolve some of issues which i have :slight_smile:
have a nice day :wink:

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