Where do you host?

They’re full of crap compared to DigitalOcean. Support is Horrible.

I’d really same the same about DigitalOcean. I didn’t have that great of a time using their services and the support was lacking for me. I’ve never had issues with Vultr.

Hetzner here as well. Cheap and does a great job. Also it’s based in Germany which is where I am as well.

I use Lunanode - servers based on Montreal, Toronto or France - key for me is Canadian servers - Montreal and France they are OVH resellers, Toronto, which is where I host, they use their own servers.

I host in Toronto, and support is fast, if required - usually within the hour.

I run MIAB on a 1GB RAM virtual machine for $5 per month (1 CPU core only as MIAB has little CPU requirements) I use volume backed storage so I can increase beyond the 15GB included easily.

I currently have the majority of my VPS’s over at Linode. I do have one (not MIAB) Amazon Lightsail VPS I originally setup for testing. I have to say, alot of people poopoo’ed Amazon, but they are reliable and fast for the starter price of $10. That said, I am really a RHEL guy, so even though Amazon Linux is a RHEL 6 fork, I really have become accustomed to systemd, and thats why I didn’t move anything else over yet, nor create any new VPSs there. Linode supports custom images (can easily upload them) so for stuff that needs RHEL or Oracle, its easily taken care of that way. For all else I have CentOS.

But I can wholeheartedly recommend both, given the lack of systemd on Amazon’s Linux. Amazon does also offer Ubuntu 16.04, which I do believe does systemd (not a Ubuntu fan, nor following their current status).